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The Magic in the Home Walkthrough

Join us for a fun session diving into transforming the home walkthrough into a journey of discovery and connection. Hosted by ShiftLogic and Conduit Tech, this exclusive webinar features industry expert Brian Feenie guiding you through the nuances of enhancing homeowner satisfaction and efficiency through innovative approaches to HVAC Sales.

In this webinar we'll dive into:

Driving excellence across design, sales and install

Engaging with technology to drive dialogue with homeowners

Differentiating your service, while addressing your customer needs

Hosted by Conduit Tech

Conduit Tech merges LiDAR technology with your expert insights, to build 2D floorplans, 3D models and load calculations integrated into custom sales materials:



  • Faster & More accurate. Build load calculations quickly and easily, in a first-of-its kind platform.
  • Stand Out & Sell More. Instantly create customized sales materials from the same analysis - ensuring that your work differentiates you.
  • Enhance sales efficiency. Take home measurement and creating installation guidelines from a 2-hour task to 15 minutes  or less- but not at the expense of accuracy.